It seems that the right way to wash your hair is pretty well cut and dry … you get what you need, wet, shampoo, rinse, groom, rinse, wrestle and dry. Right? Well, not exactly … or something more.

Comb your hair
Start by carefully combing your hair before bathing. Wet hair is more sensitive than dry hair, reducing the risk of damage if previously removed. Then the heat can seriously damage the hair. Although hot water is not as harmful as a dryer or direct sunlight, hair still suffers. To avoid this, adjust the water so that it is pleasantly hot and not hot. The hot steam showers are beautiful and can certainly be used, but it is best if you let your hair out of the direct passage of this very hot water, so cool it off while washing.

Shampoo your hair

Then consider the type of hair you have before shampooing. If your scalp is greasy but dry, you should not shampoo directly over the entire length. Instead, get a good mousse and then apply the shampoo only on the oily part of the scalp. Rinse it off then. Shampoo flowing over the entire length after rinsing is enough to remove surface dirt. Do not bend your hair and do not “scrub” it with shampoo as this can lead to many knots and damage. Keep the hair as flat as possible during the wash.

Condition your hair
Start at the ends and progress. Make sure that the tips, which are damaged more often than any other part of the hair, receive a generous amount of conditioner. Gently massage the product along the hair length, but gently brush the scalp if you have problems with the greasy scalp. Leave for 1 to 3 minutes, then rinse off. If you want to emphasize the shine of your hair a little more, rinse it with cold water. Cold water helps to flatten the cuticle (the scaly outer layer of hair).

Dry your hair
Now it’s time to dry your hair. Turning the length to a rope and wringing excess water can damage, weaken and break your hair. Instead, you can track the length near your head and descend by gently draining the water.

Towels are not used for washing hair tonic. Rubbing on the hair can lead to serious tangles. Take the hair and remove it. For best results, gently squeeze the hair between two pieces of the towel to remove more water.

Keep the hair as flat as possible during the wash.
If you are using conditioner without conditioner, it is time to apply it. If you want to comb a hair in the pack to distribute the conditioner, start at the ends and be careful when painting. Wet hair expands very easily, which can cause damage. Brushes are generally harmful even in the best conditions and should never be used on wet hair.

We discussed the damage that can cause heat. When using a dryer, use extreme caution and research on how to reduce the damage. Remember that a hair dryer, no matter which method you use or which heat protection you use for your hair, will be damaged.

After all, you do not have to wash your hair every day. Excessive washing with shampoo can remove the hair necessary for a healthy stay. Often a rinse or a light conditioning is enough to give the hair between the shampoos a beautiful look. If you need a little more detergent, you can dilute the shampoo in a small bottle of warm water and install on the scalp for gentle cleansing.

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