You want a great shine? Even perfectly healthy hair can easily become dull, especially if you do not use a shampoo that contains silicone-based ingredients because they provide more shine, but a variety of other properties also cause hair care problems. know how to use them.

There are so many better ways to get that gorgeous glow that will “glow” your hair. For this article, we assume that your hair is already healthy and only needs shine. Otherwise, you may want to look for different ways to improve the health of your hair through supplements moisture. and proteins and the removal of “hair care” routines that damage the hair.

Common problems that prevent hair from shining
If the cuticle (outer layer of the hair shaft) is not flat, it may result in a dull appearance and a smooth texture. It is very simple: simply rinse your hair with cold water after washing so that the cuticle lies flat. This is like closing the pores of the skin and preventing the hair from being damaged by dirt or scratches.

The next problem that usually affects the shine of your hair is the structure. This can come from hair products, environmental factors such as smoke or smog, or simply from dirt and grime removers. Many people who only use conditioner and no shampoo often have dullness problems as there are no strong cleansers to remove all hair from hair … no, you do not have to go back shampoo!

Steps for the shine of natural hair
About 1 liter of apple cider vinegar, diluted in 12 ounces of water, is an excellent final rinse. If you have already washed, conditioned and washed these hair products, pour this thinner into your hair and then rinse with cold water. Now we talk about SHINE!

Some of the most popular high-gloss oils are jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil and even broccoli oil.
A few drops of essential oil can smooth hair, prevent tangles and really shine. Just put a few drops on your palm, rub your hands and then comb a hand in your hair (first comb it with a high-quality, wide-toothed comb). If your hair is wet and you have never used oil, use a few drops until you know if your hair needs more or less. It does not seem like much, but you only need a little hair. When it’s dry, it’s much easier to know how your hair reacts to lots of oil. But keep in mind that what you see is what you get. This product does not dry or anything Ensure that you distribute the oil diluent until you get the look you want. Some of the most popular high-gloss oils are jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil and even broccoli oil.

Secrets of extra hair
Honey is another big favorite in the bright arena. As a rule of thumb, you should put a few drops of honey in a bottle of conditioner. Shake vigorously to make sure the honey is in the air conditioning system and pack it in as usual. Honey also plays an important role in deep moisturizing or conditioning treatments.

You can also try to take Silica with your normal dietary supplements, as this reduces hair loss and promotes shine. If none of these suggestions are right for you, you may experience other problems that may affect your hair’s ability to shine. Some hair, especially hard or of African descent, should not shine. Instead, these hair types should have a nice velvety shine.

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