The statistics are quite stunning: at the age of 50, 50% of the world’s population is affected by male bald heads. Many men simply accept this and continue their lives, but more and more men are discovering the new treatments available for men with bald heads and want to keep their fame. These new treatments were available more than fifteen years ago, but if the costs were not high enough, costs were always a major factor in the ban (John Travolta would have spent about $ 1,000 a month on treatment). Now prices have dropped to a level where most people can afford quality treatments. If you start early enough, there is no reason for you to become bald. It should be noted, however, that there are no miracle drugs. If you are completely bald, there is not much to do except wear the hair piece. But treatments can be very effective for hair regrowth for some people. It’s about learning what’s possible and defining your expectations accordingly. Before you seek a specific type of treatment, you need to know certain things. First, it’s important to understand why male pattern baldness occurs and how it develops before deciding which of the currently available treatments is best for you.

Why hair loss?

Hair loss in men, also known as androgenetic alopecia, is a genetic condition. Testosterone, a male hormone, is the major factor that causes it. Therefore, few women suffer from this disease, which is why castrated men never become bald. However, testosterone does not cause direct hair loss. It interacts with an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase to create the actual culprit, a derived hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is widely known as the leading cause of hair loss in men. Men fortunate enough not to become bald have hair that is resistant to the effects of DHT.

Topical application

Now that we know what causes male baldness, many hair loss shampoos have been developed specifically to remove DHT from the scalp. These types of products are deep cleansers that are known as DHT blockers. They have been used effectively to stop hair loss and create optimal conditions for stimulating the growth of new hair. You may have heard of the treatment of baldness in men, it is not a DHT blocker, it is believed that it directly stimulates cell growth in the hair follicle, which resists DHT. However, the results are the same, and because they work differently, the inhibitors of Minoxidil and DHT can be used together for even more effective treatment of hair loss.

Internal drugs

One of the most effective oral hair loss medications was accidentally discovered when a human prostate hypertrophic remedy was developed. This drug was finasteride and it was found that finasteride was effective at low doses to prevent baldness in men. It is now one of the few FDA-approved drugs for the prevention and treatment of hair loss in men and available by prescription only.

As a natural alternative to finasteride, a plant called a saw palmetto is often thought to reduce DHT and thus prevent baldness in males. There are now many natural treatments for baldness in men containing saw palmetto, and although only small clinical trials have been done, the results have been positive.


As a last resort, hair transplantation may be the only option for men that has a bald spot of more than about 10 cm. As a rule, a scalp band is removed from the neck area and grafted donor follicles onto the bare plate. Scalp reduction is another surgical procedure that completely removes the bald scalp and tightens the rest of the scalp. Although this may sound quite radical, this can be a fairly effective method of eliminating small bald spots


Balding is part of the aging process for many men and graciously adapts to their new appearance. With many new bald treatments for men, men now have the option of completely preventing hair loss if they act early enough. Treatment is often vital, but for many men it could be one of the best investments ever made!

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